Some popular shops of Weltenville can now be found on the SL Marketplace.  The shopkeeps of Weltenville have been talking it over for a while, and now have decided to offer some of their original creations on the Second Life Marketplace.

So far, two shops have put a selection of fine products out, and more to come.  The two shops are:

Weltenville EIC Nautical Shop at Marketplace

The Weltenville EIC Nautical Shop offers nautical, pirate and practical products, and they have built a great reputation as shippers and suppliers of nautical goods.  Visit Weltenville EIC Nautical Shop at the Marketplace or in-world at the Weltenville Pier.

Maelstrom Curio Shop at Marketplace

Maelstrom Curio Shop offers, of course, curiosities of exotic and unique origin.  Maelstrom Curio Shop also brings you home and garden items, decor, plants, and some fine art prints to enhance your environment.  Into the Maelstrom (Curio Shop) with you!  Find Maelstrom Curio either at the Marketplace or at the beautiful in-world shop.

We expect to see a few more of our shopkeeps opening shop on the Marketplace soon, and we will announce them as it happens.

Until next we meet,
I remain,
Weltenvillian a la Extraordinaire,
And your Cheerful Guide to Our Lands and Other Lands of Interest,

Weltenville Wayfarer Head Writer!

Visit Lovely Weltenville!


About Weltenville Head Writer

Head writer for the Weltenville Wayfarer. The Weltenville Wayfarer is a newsmagazine for SL virtual explorers to our simlands and related virtual 3D lands of interest.
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